Motorcycle helmet laws possible in South Carolina

Motorcycle accidents can quickly become deadly, especially if riders collide with fast-moving trucks or passenger vehicles. If you or someone you know has been a motorcycle accident victim, the following news may be good to hear. South Carolina legislators are considering whether to make motorcycle helmets mandatory. While you might not think this will help, the difference a helmet may make can be extraordinary.

Marine's wife to receive settlement of $25,000 in South Carolina

If you've lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you know that it's emotionally and physically draining to deal with. Reports about a fatal motorcycle crash that happened in 2012 may catch your interest, however, because the wife of the man who died will now be receiving a $25,000 settlement.

South Carolina House passes bill expanding workers' compensation

If you live and work in South Carolina as a police officer, this news may be comforting. According to a report from Jan. 15, workers' compensation benefits have been expanded by the South Carolina House of Representatives. Now, police officers in South Carolina who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to shooting someone will be able to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Traffic fatalities fall in South Carolina but rise in some areas

If you've been involved in an accident, you probably know how difficult times can be, both financially and physically. What some Greenville readers won't want to hear, though, is that the number of crashes in the area is actually on the rise in contrast to the rest of South Carolina. Unfortunately, in 2013, the number of traffic fatalities was up from 2012 in Greenville County, even though fatalities had actually dropped statewide.

Car accident leaves children dead, others injured

South Carolina-based readers may have heard about this accident involving five vehicles that took place near Atmore in Alabama. The accident hits home with at least three states of residents involved. According to the news, the car accident took the lives of two children visiting the state from North Carolina, and several others were left with serious injuries.

2 injured when cut off by log truck in South Carolina

If you're struck by a truck, you may suffer serious injuries. Trucks weigh much more than passenger vehicles, and the extra weight can make them harder to stop and absolutely brutal when it comes to truck accidents. You might have heard about a truck accident that happened in Colleton County, South Carolina, on Dec. 16. A log truck allegedly tried to cross ACE Basin Parkway in front of a Jeep Cherokee.

Truck crash leaves fatalities; driver facing drug charges

In a tragic highway accident involving a tractor trailer, a 60-year-old church day care worker was killed. The driver, a resident of South Carolina, is facing drug charges, possession of methamphetamine, breaking and entering, as well as theft. Henrico police performed a search of his truck following the fatal crash and charged a female passenger with possession of methamphetamine. A second passenger, who had been arrested last year in South Carolina on charges of illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine, was also arrested.

Freshman with spinal cord injury may be home soon

If you keep up on the national news, you might have heard about the shooting at Five Points that resulted in the injury of an 18-year-old girl. According to the news, the University of South Carolina freshman, who suffered a spinal cord injury, could be returning home before Christmas after fighting for her life just months ago. The 18-year-old girl has been undergoing rehabilitation for her injury at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and was shown smiling in her wheelchair in the reports.

Potential baseball minor-league players injured in accident

Getting into a car accident can be life altering. You can end up with serious injuries that require physical therapy, surgeries, or even just a few days off work. In any case, those problems can lead to financial issues for you, as well as the pain and suffering you'll be put through. In cases where you're not at fault, seeking legal guidance is one option you can try.

Worker death leads to employer citations

Worker's compensation is an integral part of many workplaces, because it ensures that those injured on the job will receive remuneration toward the cost of health care. Any work injury could result in a claim, but in some cases, family members may also be able to claim if the injury is severe enough or even fatal. While it may be the last thing on your mind, it's important to ensure that you can still pay the bills even after a loved one's death at work.