Biker had little chance against South Carolina drunk driver

There is no question about the danger of drunk driving in South Carolina. Impaired drivers tend to violate traffic laws. They don't see posted speed limits or don't notice when they violate the limits. They don't see red lights or respond quickly enough at an intersection.

Simply stated, drunk drivers disrespect the laws that exist to keep people safe. In the scenario of a recent motorcycle accident, a reportedly drunk driver disrespected a motorcyclist's space. In doing so, he caused a fatal wreck.

On Sunday, a driver not only collided with the back of a motorcycle; he ran the bike off of the road. The victim of the South Carolina motorcycle accident suffered injuries that killed him. The severity of the injuries in this case provide another tragic example of the price motorcycle riders pay when other motorists are negligent.

The criminal charges filed against the driver who caused the motorcycle accident suggest that this was a case of impaired driving. Details regarding the alleged intoxication that likely contributed to the fatal wreck are limited. Still, even without specifics about the drunk or drugged driver, the lesson is clear.

Unfortunately for the family and friends who lose loved ones to DUI accidents, they learn the lesson that drunk driving is dangerous in the most difficult way. Those people often want and deserve more than answers. They often want more than to see a criminal conviction. They also might seek compensation for their loss with the help of a personal injury lawyer as a means to secure justice.

Source: The Times and Democrat, "Man facing felony DUI in fatal crash," Richard Walker, April 1, 2014