Will South Carolina adopt texting and driving law?

What is your worst habit? Are you a nail-biter? Maybe you procrastinate doing what you need to do. Well some traffic safety advocates might say that South Carolina legislators have procrastinated in putting a distracted driving law on its books.

Is it possible that the procrastination will come to an end? Last month, a legislative proposal to ban texting and driving in South Carolina moved further in the system than it ever has before. The state Senate now has the duty to decide whether approving a distracted driving law is best for the community.

If the Senate passes the law banning texting while behind the wheel, South Carolina wouldn't be the only state actively trying to get drivers to put down their cellphones. The majority of U.S. states have texting and driving bans. There are already some cities in the state that prohibit drivers from texting, including Greenville.

The theory behind texting bans is that the focus drivers put on the technological communications significantly reduces their focus on driving and increases the chance of car accidents. Some researchers go so far as to say that texting and driving is even more dangerous than drunk driving. Therefore, if there are laws against DUI, then there should be laws against texting on the roads.

Negligence comes in various forms. Drinking and driving is negligence and injures or kills victims regularly. Violating traffic laws by speeding or running red lights is a deadly form of negligence. More and more accidents in the U.S. and South Carolina suggest that texting while driving is also a dangerous form of carelessness. Victims of careless drivers should work with a car accident attorney in their area who can help them exercise their rights.

Source: The Island Packet, "Statewide texting ban drives forward in SC," Andrew Shain, Feb. 25, 2014