South Carolina motorcyclist killed when bus turns in front of her

In general, motorcyclists tend to sustain relatively more serious injuries in traffic accidents than other motorists. That is true when you put a motorcycle up against a standard sedan or truck; it is most definitely true when you put a biker up against a school bus.

That is the tragic setup of a recent motorcycle accident in Laurens County. Last week, an experienced motorcycle rider was killed when a bus collided with her early in the morning. The South Carolina traffic accident has various scary aspects involved, including the fact that children were in the bus at the time of the fatal wreck.

Driving the bus last week was a 72-year-old. She was carrying students of all ages in the bus when, according to initial reports about the motorcycle accident, she made an illegal turn. Fox Carolina reports that the motorcycle and bus were driving in opposite directions when the bus made a left turn -- in front of the oncoming bike. The collision that followed the apparent driver negligence put the motorcycle under the bus and left its rider, age 50, so injured that the crash was deadly.

An illegal left turn is a classic situation that causes too many motorcycle accidents in South Carolina every year. The legal and other ramifications that might result from the recent accident depend on further investigation and the involved parties' goals. Others who have been injured in or lost a loved one to an accident with similar details such as a bad left turn have legal options and should discuss them with a personal injury attorney whom they trust.

Source: Fox Carolina, "Laurens motorcyclist killed in crash with school bus," Casey Vaughn, Feb. 18, 2014