Biker had little chance against South Carolina drunk driver

There is no question about the danger of drunk driving in South Carolina. Impaired drivers tend to violate traffic laws. They don't see posted speed limits or don't notice when they violate the limits. They don't see red lights or respond quickly enough at an intersection.

Simply stated, drunk drivers disrespect the laws that exist to keep people safe. In the scenario of a recent motorcycle accident, a reportedly drunk driver disrespected a motorcyclist's space. In doing so, he caused a fatal wreck.

Study shows positive role models could combat drunk driving

Some say that it is important with whom people surround themselves. That can be especially true for children. Teenagers are definitely at a vulnerable age to give in to peer pressure. Teens tend to want to fit in with those around them, even if fitting in can be dangerous. 

A study published in Pediatrics suggests that modeled behavior is crucial to try to prevent drunk driving among teens. Learned driving behaviors come from more than driving courses and books. They come from experience and what teens see of the drivers around them.

FMCSA believes technology could prevent truck accidents

When motor vehicle accidents involve a truck or other large commercial vehicle like a bus, the level of damage tends to be significant. Combating the issues behind the truck accidents that occur in South Carolina and the U.S., therefore, is an essential traffic safety priority. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has tried in recent years to prevent accidents related to driver fatigue. If a commercial driver works for too long and doesn't get enough rest, he or she can become too tired and unfocused to safely manage a vehicle.

Will South Carolina adopt texting and driving law?

What is your worst habit? Are you a nail-biter? Maybe you procrastinate doing what you need to do. Well some traffic safety advocates might say that South Carolina legislators have procrastinated in putting a distracted driving law on its books.

Is it possible that the procrastination will come to an end? Last month, a legislative proposal to ban texting and driving in South Carolina moved further in the system than it ever has before. The state Senate now has the duty to decide whether approving a distracted driving law is best for the community.

Resting time proving to be truck wreck prevention

People will make mistakes in their jobs. Maybe someone writes a typo. Maybe someone misses a deadline for a project. When someone is a truck driver, an on-the-job mistake can be deadly.

A new trucking safety law is an attempt to prevent the deadly mistake that too many truckers make. The traffic safety regulation requires more rest between driving shifts for truckers. More rest, authorities hope, will mean fewer truck accidents in South Carolina and the U.S. overall.

Snowstorm fills southern states with truck accidents, crashes

Snow isn't always pleasant, especially for those with long commutes, but the southern states that aren't used to it have had it hard this winter. According to a report from Jan. 29, South Carolina, Alabama and other states in the south have seen a growing number of accidents and delays due to the snow, sleet and freezing rain. Seeing a truck accident in this kind of weather isn't unusual, and the states are now reporting plenty from the storms.