Carpal Tunnel / Fibromyalgia

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If you are suffering from a disability caused by fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome that is the result of a work injury, you are eligible for workers' compensation. With the help of a skilled workers' compensation attorney, it may be easier for you to navigate the system and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and/or illnesses. It is very important to immediately notify your employer of the condition and tell him or her it is related to work activities. You must tell the doctor this is work-related. David Yokel utilizes his vast knowledge and experience of the system to help you understand your rights and pursue the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact David today for your consultation to discuss your specific case and needs.


Similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia is a condition that can quickly progress into a disability. This illness leaves the individual with chronic muscle, joint or bone pain; extreme fatigue; and clinical depression, among many other symptoms. It can be extremely debilitating, leaving the sufferer unable to maintain steady employment or even complete routine household tasks. David Yokel has experience with fibromyalgia disability claims and can provide you with a realistic assessment of your case.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Frequently considered an overuse injury, carpal tunnel syndrome is sustained through repetitive motion and direct trauma. Often carpal tunnel syndrome is a work-related injurycaused by direct trauma and repetitive activities such as keyboarding, carpentry and assembly line work. Many individuals begin to notice symptoms such as numbness and tingling. This can indicate serious nerve compression that is the root of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel can become so severe that an individual is unable to continue to perform essential job tasks, along with routine and daily activities. This is where David Yokel can step in and help you understand the possibility of securing workers' compensation benefits. However, an injured person must act promptly or his or her employer will deny any relationship between the work performed and the injury sustained. David Yokel can assist in gaining the proper medical documentation of your carpal tunnel injury as well as filing the paperwork for your work-related injury.

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