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Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

The pleasant weather in South Carolina — especially the weather in spring and summer — brings out motorcycle enthusiasts. However, with more motorcycles on the road also come more motorcycle accidents. Many car and truck drivers aren't used to sharing the road with motorcycles and can cause serious or deadly wrecks. Because motorcyclists don't have the protection of a car, even with the proper safety gear, their injuries from an accident tend to be much more traumatic.

If you suffered injury in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, it's important to consult with a Spartanburg personal injury law firm to ensure your rights are protected. Attorney David Yokel is experienced in the area of personal injury and works to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your accident.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

According to statistics, the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are due to motorists' failure to detect a bike on the roadway. This can lead to collisions and serious accidents. Other causes of motorcycle/vehicle accidents include:

  • Left-hand turns – When a motorcycle makes a legal left turn in front of a car, the motorist may not see the motorcycle's turn signal. Or they may misjudge the bike's speed, or the bike may be in their blind spot.
  • Hazardous roadways – Motorcycles are vulnerable to bad road conditions, such as slick surfaces or gravel. They can easily lose control and slide into another vehicle.
  • Speeding or reckless driving – If a motorist tailgates a motorcycle, a rear-end collision can be deadly. Reckless driving on the part of the motorist can also result in tragic accidents.
  • Alcohol or drug use – Driving under the influence is always a bad (and illegal) idea.

If you're involved in a motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and find out if you're entitled to compensation.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because motorcycles don't offer the same protection as a fully enclosed vehicle, and because riders over 18 aren't required to wear a helmet, motorcyclists often end up with severe injuries when involved in an accident. Typical injuries include:

  • Concussion or traumatic brain injury
  • Bone fractures or laceration
  • Facial injuries or disfigurement
  • Road rash or burns
  • Nerve damage

If your accident wasn't your fault, you shouldn't have to pay for your medical expenses or lost wages from time off work. You need time to recover without worrying about your finances.

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