Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Injured In An Accident? You Need an experienced attorney to fight for you.

It only takes a second for your life to change. If you were injured in an accident, you know this all too well. Physical pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish and financial strain can turn your life upside down.

There is help. Contact attorney David Yokel today to get the compensation you need to treat your injuries, pay your bills and support your family.

Get The Compensation You Need After An Accident

Physical injuries may make it impossible to work, and missed work means lost wages. No paycheck can make it difficult to make ends meet.

Over the course of Mr. Yokel's 30-plus-year legal career he has helped clients in Greenville and throughout upstate South Carolina get the compensation they deserve after an accident. He will help you get compensation for not only your lost wages and medical expenses, but also your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

What makes Lawyer David Yokel Different?

  • His experience - He has been representing personal injury victims for more than 35 years.
  • His dedication - He will passionately advocate on your behalf.
  • His skills - He is an aggressive litigator who knows what it takes to be successful in court.

No Accident Case Is Too Complex

Mr. Yokel is an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney. He has the skills necessary to represent clients injured in a wide range of accidents, including:

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