Common Workers' Compensation Claims

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Common Workers' Compensation Claims

When you suffer injury on the job, whether physically or psychologically, workers' compensation is designed to help you. While you recover, workers' comp should assist with your medical treatment and related bills, lost wages, temporary benefits and the ability to return to your job while you go through rehabilitation.

Sometimes the workers' compensation process is confusing and difficult to navigate, especially when you're trying to recover from serious injury. You don't have to go it alone. David Yokel, Attorney at Law, is experienced in all facets of workers' compensation law and works with you to get the best result possible — and ensure your rights are protected. Contact him at his Greenville office today to get your case started.

What Types of Injuries Does Workers' Comp Cover?

You can get injured on the job in any profession The following are some common workplace injuries resulting in workers' compensation claims.

  • Slips, trips, and falls – When employees slip or fall due to hazards like snow, ice, wet floors, loose carpeting, or other conditions related to the work place.
  • Falls from heights – When a worker falls from a ladder, a stairwell, construction site, or rooftop
  • Repetitive physical injury – Muscle, tendon and nerve injuries caused by constant repetitive motion, including typing or machine work (wrist injuries, neck injuries, back injuries). They require that you immediately notify your employer that you believe the condition is related to your work and you provide such history to the doctor who sees you. These can also be called repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Car, truck, or other vehicle accidents – Accidents occurring when an employee uses a car or truck for work purposes or the employer's vehicle.
  • Machinery accidents – Typically, when a body part of an employee is caught or compressed in large, dangerous machines.
  • Workplace violence or assault – Unfortunately, employees can be the targets of workplace violence, stemming from serious arguments or other issues.

Workers' comp covers most injuries like these so long as they arise out of the employment relationship. However, workers' compensation probably will not cover injuries if they are self-inflicted (intentional), happened during the act of committing a crime, or if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when injured. If you need advice, contact your Greenville workers' comp attorney for help.

Greenville Workers' Comp Attorneys Protect Your Rights

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