LGBT Family Law Attorney

p>Same sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States and, when you decide to get married, there are many reasons you may want to hire a family law attorney. David M. Yokel provides experienced family law counsel to South Carolina couples and is ready to answer your questions.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For A Same Sex Marriage?

There are many issues unique to same sex marriages that require the help of an attorney.

  • Adopting your partner’s child
  • Child custody issues from previous marriages or relationships
  • Visitation rights
  • Surrogate or egg donor issues

Additionally, if you want to create a marital agreement or establish a prenuptial agreement, you will need an attorney to help you create these documents. You may want to discuss your options with an attorney before you get married to make sure you and your spouse are both protected in the event of a divorce.

Can I Afford An Attorney?

When you are preparing to get married, you may have a lot of expenses already. You may be nervous about hiring an attorney. When you hire family law attorney David M. Yokel to help you with your marriage, you can count on affordable services and positive results.

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If you are getting ready to marry, you should be excited and focusing on your future. Getting all the legal issues out of the way before your wedding or marriage is always a good idea. Let family law attorney David M. Yokel in Greenville, South Carolina help you. Call 864-240-2066 today.