Divorce Agreement Modification Attorney Greenville, SC

Divorce Agreement Modification

Get Help Modifiying Your Divorce Agreement

If you have been through a divorce and agreed to certain terms in the divorce agreement, you have to follow those terms to avoid being held in contempt of court. However, if circumstances have changed that impact custody/visitation and/or the financial circumstances of the parties or you cannot meet the terms for a legitimate reason, you may want to have the agreement modified. Let Greenville, SC family law attorney David M. Yokel help you.

What Are Some Reasons To Get A Modification Agreement?

If you need to get a modification agreement, you must have a legitimate reason in the eyes of the court. Some of these reasons include,

  • Changes in income
  • Moving or Relocation
  • Changes in employment or total loss of job
  • Illness impacting your income
  • Death
  • Custody change

If you feel that you need to have your agreement modified, you should call an experienced family law attorney in Greenville, SC to get the ball rolling.

How Can My Attorney Help Me With A Modification?

Your attorney will review your case and current agreement and help you decide how you need it changed. He will also tell you if you are eligible to have a modification agreement, and help you fill out the proper paperwork for the courts. You don’t have to deal with the stress of creating a modification agreement on your own. Let attorney David M. Yokel help ease the process along.

Call A Family Law Attorney In Greenville, South Carolina

If your situation has recently changed and you can no longer meet the terms of your divorce or final agreement, call a family law attorney in Greenville, SC and make arrangements for a modification agreement. Attorney David M. Yokel can help. Call 864-240-2066 today.