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Child custody

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Computing child support is an often frustrating part of a family law case. Although there are Child Support Guidelines to follow, many factors are involved in determining how much child support will be paid, such as whether the parent is working at his or her full potential, intentionally working less hours, child care components, the number of nights of visitation along with many other factors. The key is to assure the right income is being factored into the computation. Whether you are getting divorced or were never married, you need a knowledgeable, skilled attorney on your side to protect your rights and financial interests.

David Yokel has more than 35 years of legal experience, and over that time has handled many difficult child support cases. Whether you need to make an initial determination of support or need to petition the court to modify or enforce an existing support order, you can turn to David Yokel for the help you need.

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Calculating Child Support in South Carolina

When a judge makes a decision as to the amount of child support, he or she must apply a large number of factors mandated by the South Carolina legislature. A few of these are:

  • The income of divorcing spouses
  • Noncovered medical expenses
  • Work-related day care expenses
  • Employment
  • Parents' ability to earn an income
  • Children from previous marriage and/or relationships

It is important that all available income is identified, and none is hidden. Temporary child support should be awarded while a divorce is pending.

It is wise to consult with an experienced child support lawyer to learn what you are allowed to receive, or what you should be paying as appropriate support. In either case, work with an attorney who understands child support laws in South Carolina, how to protect your financial interests, and how to ensure that your child's financial needs are met.

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